Our philosophy
Our philosophy
Dear entrepreneur,


I'm Amir, CEO at Amiracle Marketing.

You’re on this website because you’re hungry to grow your business. Not to hear my life story. But my life story is what makes Amiracle Marketing different from the competition...

You see, a big objection a lot of businesses have with marketing agencies is, "if you know how to scale businesses and brands, why don’t you do it yourself?".

Both me and our paid traffic experts have built our own brands online that we make a full time income from. As you may know, I'm also the founder of an online training business. My online course Next Generation Marketing is a full 20h+ online course that teaches entrepreneurs online marketing. I'm always putting my own money on the line first with my own brand. This means that all new marketing concepts is being battle-tested by me first, then implemented for your business. 

Just think about it... Why would you want to hire an agency or marketer who has never really spent $1 of their own money on marketing... 

They will never understand how it's like spending thousands of dollars of your own hard earned cash on advertising... It's easy to play the expert when you are using your clients money to play around with right...? Here at Amiracle we tend to spend even more money than our clients on advertising for our own brands. With that said, we've tested our methods with our own money before applying them to your business.

So, if you are serious about business and really want to take the next step, I implore you to book in a strategy call with us.
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